So, are you looking for drum lessons in Berlin?

I am Marcos Feminella and I will teach you how to play the Drums like a pro!

  • Learn how to deeply improve your rhythm skills
  • Boost up your playing even if you’re not a beginner anymore
  • Get most of your drumming and feel the joy of playing whatever song or style you want
  • Everything you need to know to become a professional drummer

How the classes are like?

Techniques, coordination, independence, styles, reading plus varied subjects can be studied in the my drum classes through books, my own exercises and sharing experiences. As everyone is different, so the lessons can be.

Do you want to have more personalized private classes or you feel like learning better in a group? Do you have your own practice room and would prefer me to go to your place? Or maybe you play another instrument and want to improve your rhythm skills? I can help you too!

In order to have the best teaching quality possible, I’ve chosen to have a limited number of 12 students. So contact me now and get your slot!

Which kind of Drum Classes fits better to you?

At the Private Classes we will work in a personalized way on your playing. In these one-to-one sessions we’ll focus exclusively on your needs/intentions.

The Group Classes for up to 3 students. Rhythmic activities with other drummers are both challenging and fun and will make you learn a lot! Get in touch to join a group or invite your friends for your own sessions!

Get exclusive access to workshops and masterclasses

Living and playing in Europe has helped me create a network of great musicians in different instruments and styles. Learn more by watching and playing with them!

Events for 2016 are being booked - ask me for more details under:


Judith H. Drum Student

I started learning drums with Marcos 4 months ago as a complete beginner, and it's awesome to see how fast I am improving thanks to his excellent teaching method. Marcos is a great musician, but also a very attentive teacher, always positive and encouraging. I always look forward to going to his classes as I know I will always learn and improve my technique a lot, in a fun and cool atmosphere. Marcos is an excellent teacher, and I highly recommend him!

Anca A. Drum Student

I had been wanting to learn how to play the drums for a few years before I actually started classes with Marcos in Berlin. I was an absolute beginner to the world of drumming and my purpose was not very ambitious - in layman's terms, learning how to hit the drums with the sticks. As such, I did not have high expectations regarding drum classes either. However, once I started with Marcos I had the pleasant surprise of having in front of me a true professional, who was very well prepared and organized, with a great passion for what he was teaching. Marcos has shared some of his extensive knowledge of drumming, backed up with the foundation of various rudiments, fills and grooves, as well as with examples on how these can be implemented into practical use. He is one of the most patient teachers I have ever met, he is kind and methodical and he manages to turn his classes into a relaxed and fun experience. I can only wholeheartedly recommend Marcos for anyone who wants to learn how to play the drums, no matter their experience level.

Basil H. Drum Student

Studying with Marcos has been a phenomenal experience. From the very beginning i was welcomed with open hands and an opened heart. Marcos knows just how to get to the root of your musical issues! By guiding you with his well matured rudiment systems his sensibility is unmatched. Although, out of everything i have learned (which is a substantial amount) The greatest thing I've gained from drum lessons with Marcos is true friendship.Which i find to be the greatest gift any mentor can give. It is these things that have kept me going for today and the years to come. So please do your self a favor and get on the right track. STUDY DRUMS WITH MARCOS NOW!

Some numbers and facts about my career:

22 years of drumming, 13 years of teaching, nearly 100 students, I’ve played for dozens of bands in over 1000 shows in 14 countries and I have participated in several albums and videos.​

I have moved from my hometown - 10.000 km away - to Germany, just because of music. I have learned from some of the most renowned drummers of Brazil and Europe.

I was invited to study as a guest student at Drumtrainer Berlin for 1 year.

Check out some of my stuff:

Drumlessons Berlin

Why do I do all this? What motivates me?

I say it’s because of my passion for MUSIC! And it’s a privilege to be in the core, in the HEART of it and to make it pulse with the incredible power of the DRUMS! It’s indescribable the feeling of making people smile, dance and provoking different sensations through our ART!

I’ll be very happy to share my experience with you and if we work together I’m pretty sure you will achieve your goals! Book your classes now under:

Where will you learn?

The classes take place at Music Madness - one of the coolest rehearsal rooms complexes in Berlin.

Herzbergstraße, 117 - 10365 Berlin.

Public transport:
Tram 21, 37 and M8; By Bus: 256


Private Classes:

  • ​3 x 50 minutes in a month: €120
  • 6x 50 minutes in a month: €220

Group Classes:

  • 3 x 90 minutes in a month: €100

Contact me now to get started: